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Latest :New Mini Site for FreeBurner Library  GoTo Mini Site

Latest :Source code for FreeBurner Library uploaded 29/11/2005
Latest :New Forum For CD Burning Library and ISO9660 Library
Latest :Ringtones pages have moved to www.moby-tones.co.uk
Latest :Added DVDPrint.exe CD / DVD Cover printer.
Latest :Added KeyThief.exe Microsoft product key scan and decrypt app.
Latest :Added source code for my CD Burning Component (Unfinished) (GOTO) Latest :New Code Bank (add your own functions & procedures in) (GOTO)
Latest :All hints and code tips now in searchable database (GOTO)
Latest :Added New SQL Based Forum, for questions and answers (please join in)
Latest :New App Spider Search, Create web search engines for your web sites.
Latest :Added updated Ether (bug fixes mainly)
Latest :Updated The Web site to make it quicker and better to look at..
Latest :Updated "TSG Downloader" internet file download manager Ver 2.0
Latest :Updated "ImageHide" Stenography Software Ver 2.0

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